Year-Round Gardening: Ways to Extend Every Season

Fruits and vegetables are subject to the right season during which their plants grow and bloom. For many, you can’t simply get freshly picked cherry tomatoes in the middle of a harsh winter. Or can you? Fortunately, the concept of year-round gardening exists, and there are ways to extend the planting season for you to have some greens at the ready whenever you crave for a quick salad.

hydroponicsIndoor Gardening

Thanks to the right technology, indoor gardens are possible. This is great, even for plants that need a regular dose of sunlight, as you can buy LED grow lights for sale online and use artificial light to boost plant growth. Hydroponics is also a great development in the field. With these advancements, maintaining a garden becomes easier for gardeners who want to have something planted all-year round.


The first idea that comes to mind when the word “greenhouse” is mentioned is a large, glazed structure that regulates the temperature for plants inside it to thrive. The problem for many, however, is that the maintenance and heating costs of this structure can get really pricey, especially when the colder months hit.

There is a good alternative to this, though, in the form of the Indian practice called walipini. Literally a “place of warmth,” a walipini uses the natural heat of the Earth – known as the thermal constant, in more scientific terms – to maintain a good temperature for the plants.

Hoop House

Constructing a mini hoop house is also a great idea. Its principle is similar to a greenhouse, but its implementation is on a much smaller scale. All you have to do is set some pipes and bars, tie them with string, and attach some plastic sheeting. This is a great way to regulate the temperature and extend the soil condition fit for planting, even when the weather becomes a little too hot or a little too cold.

Plants have to be accustomed to the right temperature and weather conditions for them to grow completely. With the right techniques, you won’t have to wait for the next cycle to plant something, as it’s possible to have a thriving garden the entire year.