Why You Should Take the Network+ N10-006 Exam

Taking a certification examMost IT network professionals need Network+ certification. They need to pass the exam to get the certificate. Passing it once is not enough, however. The certification expires every three years, meaning they need to take and pass the exam again before that happens.

The problem is that the exam also changes every three years. The English version of the Network+ N10-006 is available until the end of August 2018. You can take the new test now, as it came out in March 2018. Many network professionals are wondering which version they should take.

Certblaster.com cites some good reasons to take the N10-006.


The Network+ N10-007 covers new ground. It goes more in network security and new hardware than the N10-006. If you need Network+ certification now, you have less time to study for these new things in the N10-007. You should already know much of what N10-006 covers. It all boils down to how much time you have. If you have none, N10-006 is your best bet.


The new exam rolled out in March 2018. This means study guides and practice tests were not available before that time. Most people rely on these resources to pass the Network+ exam.

Even then, many professionals find it difficult. If you’ve been preparing for your test, chances are you have materials covering the N10-006. You may have already taken practice tests. Trying to catch up by switching to the N10-007 resources may not be a good idea.


If you want to take the exam in German, Japanese, Spanish, French, or Arabic, you’ll need to wait. You can only take the English version of the new test right now. Other language versions are still in the works. If you need to take the test soon, you may have no choice but to take the N10-006.

The N10-006 in other languages will still be available until the end of January 2019.

It would be easier to take the Network+ N10-006 if you need a certification now. Assess your situation to determine if this type of certification exam is the right one for you.