Which Stretch Wrapping Equipment Will Work for You?

machine wrapperAmong the wrapping materials in the market, many processing and exporting companies prefer wrapping goods using stretch material due to its expandability capabilities and low cost. It is, however, crucial you use stretch wrapping equipment to automate and speed up the wrapping process.

Working with Stretch Wrappers

Although wrapping machines vary in size, design and performance, most of them work similarly. They hold the wrapping material and keep it ready for dispensing. After completing packaging the goods, the product goes into the machine, which feeds the wrapper runs around the item to secure the packaged materials in place.

It is, however, advisable you enquire from a local stockist the type of stretch wrapping equipment that is readily available, that will meet your wrapping needs satisfactorily and give you a high return on investment. You will want to choose from the following three:

Pallet Wrapping Machine

It covers boxes from getting moisture to prevent any possible damage during transportation. A pallet wrapping machine works at high speeds to deliver bidirectional wrapping. It is, therefore, useful in wrapping computer accessories, packing pallets, ceramics, or food items.

Reel Wrapping Machines

This one works best on goods packed in tiny reels. It pulls the reel tape over the packed products, thus reducing the labour in packaging. But you have to place your goods fast enough before the machine pulls the reel for attachment.

Carton Sealer

This sealer is most suitable for the companies that package goods in cartons. Cartons going into the machine should be of a similar size. If you change the size of the box, you should adjust the wrapping machine; it automatically folds the carton before moving it to the next step for sealing.

Your application will determine the right stretch wrapping equipment for you. It is advisable to source your wrapping machine from a reliable local stockist. You can also consult the distributor to help you determine the wrapping machine that will best meet your stretch wrapping needs.