Which Hotel Room Should You Opt For?

a luxury hotel bedThere are many types of hotel rooms available today that can accommodate your budget and your needs. These rooms range from standard rooms and adjoining rooms, to suites with beautiful views.

Whether you’re traveling with kids for a vacation or going solo on a business trip, you’ll find a room that suits your preferences. It doesn’t matter if you have a luxurious budget or not. But before going through hotel rooms in Door County, here’s a summary of the types and specifics you should consider.

Standard Rooms

These rooms also come by the term as single-occupancy rooms. Standard rooms serve as the oldest in the industry. Regardless of their low prices, they offer good value for money by offering basic amenities.

Their prices range, depending on several factors, such as the type of bed, furniture, and their view from the window among others. The size of the room majorly depends on the ratings of the hotel.

For instance, two-star hotels should be 20 to 30 square feet, while five-star hotels should be over 50 feet. These rooms are ideal for short overnight stays, or individual stays.

Deluxe Rooms

Many people know deluxe rooms as the luxurious rooms in a hotel.  They are significantly bigger than the standard rooms, and their degree of comfort differs between hotels.

They come with both basic and additional amenities such as access to a pool, fitness center, tours, massage sessions, desserts, and alcoholic drinks. Typically, these rooms must offer specific views such as mountain views, inside view, garden view, or sea view.


Suites consist of small apartments, which are suitable for large parties or families. There exists a few exquisite ones because of their costs. There are three categories, namely, super suites, standard suites, and junior suites.

Super suites are also known as president, luxurious, or executive suites. They are the most prestigious rooms in a hotel. Standard suites come with basic amenities, like internet, television, and telephone. Junior suites, on the other hand, come with standard amenities, with an addition of a kitchenette.

The more you upgrade your choice of a room, the more you can expect from the hotel. It can be simple, exotic, private, or a family friendly. Regardless, you deserve to be comfortable particularly in your accommodation. Identifying a suitable room is an excellent place to start.