What You Should Know About Burst Pipes and Water Damage

Burst pipe that needs repairBurst pipes are quite a common emergency in homes anywhere in the U.S., but they particularly affect areas that experience freezing temperatures.

If you find yourself faced with burst pipes, it is vital that you contact the right professionals right away, which should include emergency plumbers and water damage repair specialists like All Hours Plumbing and HVAC in Salt Lake City. Do know though that while an immediate reaction can help mitigate damage, it is just as important to give your plumbing system the care and attention it deserves.

Improper use and unfixed damage: Putting unnecessary stress on the pipes

Pipe failure does not happen merely because of nearly freezing water. It can also occur due to improper use of the plumbing system, or when you do not take care of existing problems right away. All these factors contribute to increased stress on the pipes, which then adds to the pressure building up inside, causing them to rupture.

Bursting due to clogging within, even in normal conditions

Internal blockages usually force the water back the way they came, resulting in the disgusting, even health-hazardous liquid commonly referred to as “back-ups.” However, this is not your only worry.

These clogged pipes can also burst, whether with freezing conditions or not. The blockages, combined with the pressure of the incoming water, create pressure. When this pressure reaches too great a level for the pipes to contain, they can rupture.

More than just filthy water or torrential flow to worry about

Although you should already be concerned about these two things, especially since the former can give rise to health hazards while the latter means so much water wastage, you still have to worry about plenty other things. Water damage is another huge problem, as this can put you out of your home for several days, especially when you do not have it fixed and restored right away.