Understanding Why Some People Like to Be Scared

Girls watching a horror movieThe dark side of life has often been a topic of discussion among those who seek an alternate reality in life. There has been a ton of scary movies released that deal with the afterlife, the paranormal and the evil.

Amusement parks always have a place for scary rides or haunted houses that give its takers a few minutes of adrenaline. Bodmin Jail’s overnight ghost hunts are one of the scariest in the UK, and yet tons of people sign up for it every year. So, what is it that calls people to long for this kind of fear?


Everyone is born with a certain type of personality depending on their genes. But as a person goes through life experiences, this personality can multiply into several separate ones or can evolve into something totally different.

For example, if you have experienced something traumatic early in life, seeking thrill would not really appeal to you because of the anxiety the traumatic experience gave you.

On the other hand, studies have shown that if you are an empathetic person, the fear of a scary movie can be enjoyable to you as a way for you to recreate what other people are feeling so you can understand them more.

Brain and Body

There is a part of your brain that calms you down in situations such as watching a scary film or being in a haunted house. You know that you are just going to feel scared and you are not really in any kind of danger.

It is that same part of your brain that will tell your body to run if you see someone chasing you with an axe. For people who have more control over their brain-to-body connection, getting scared can be entertaining.

Being fond of all things scary versus despising and totally avoiding it can be compared with music. Some like rock, others like classical. It is really just a matter of taste that everyone just needs to respect.