Two is Better Than One: Benefits of Knowing Two Languages

Bilingual on a wooden diceMore than good social skills, one of the foundations of great communication is being able to speak the language of the person you are talking with. With the ever expanding reach of globalization, knowing more than your native language has become an advantage enjoyed by bilinguals everywhere in the world. Here are some of the reasons why you should give your children access to bilingualism early on.

More demand in the UAE

A more globalized world will mean more avenues for competitiveness and collaboration. This has paved the way towards more parents wanting to arm their children with the necessary skills as early as their education in a Dubai high school.

As such, communication has become a major player in the stakes of many businesses and companies, and knowing another language is a key advantage for any individual. This is especially the case in Dubai and the UAE since it is a country with several nationalities working in different fields. The diversified client base continues to grow, and knowing more than one language can help give you a wider reach and better communication.

Excel in flexibility and adaptability

Balancing two languages is an experience that boosts the adaptiveness of an individual, which is why a bilingual speaker has more resources in terms of processing stimuli in the environment and forming a unique viewpoint. The skill to access new vocabulary while also suppressing old knowledge from another vocabulary is a cognitive advantage that boosts the brain’s adaptability.

Possible higher earning and better jobs

Another reason why bilingualism is becoming a hot commodity is due to their ability to tap a market that is not bound merely by what is available in one’s home country. Knowing more than one language opens up other channels so that they have access to jobs that value advanced literacy skills. This could signify better occupational options and higher earnings compared to their peers.

Knowing more than one language has proven its benefits. As diversity becomes the thrust of many companies and with the world growing closer in terms of access to different cultures, growing the knowledge and skills base to accommodate this movement early on will definitely help your child get more in the future.