Top Ways to Keep Your Farm Clean

A Red Farm HouseJust hearing the word “farm” may remind you of damp soil, animal manure, and rusty farmhouses. And just because the scene has always been this does not mean you will keep it dirty. Sanitising your farm can do a lot of wonders, especially for your health and your livestock’s.

Keeping the facility clean does not need to be difficult. You just need to know which things to prioritise. If you are running a rather large facility, you need to have a check-list to keep track of all the areas and things that need cleaning.

Here are some simple tips to get you started:

Expand/extend your water lines

If you have animals in the shed and outside the farm, there must be a reliable drainage system and water source. Cleaning can be easier if you have enough supply of water. But to cut down your usage of water, cleaning should be scheduled properly.

Have garbage bins everywhere

Every corner of the farm can be susceptible to getting dirty. This is especially true when it comes to the feeding area and milking facility. Keep things clean by ensuring that there are large plastic bins in these areas. The bins, however, should also be cleaned every once in a while to keep them from attracting pests.

Get rid of clutter

Your farmhouses and sheds may have damaged equipment, excess hay, and other farming paraphernalia that have become a waste of space. Get rid of them to free up space and accommodate more important things. You can sell them to recycling facilities and use the money to buy more bins and water system improvement.

Keeping your farm clean will benefit you and your farm animals. Get the help of a professional for periodic cleaning.