Things to Keep in Mind to Know If Your ACU Is In Trouble

Your air conditioning units can be a godsend, especially on days when the temperature becomes unbearable. This is why homeowners need to take care of their units and call in professionals to check them over regularly. But, for unscheduled visits, how can you be sure that you need to call your residential air conditioning service provider to fix your air conditioning unit?

Learn about the signs here. It should also help you describe the issue to your repair technician.

Airflow Isn’t As Comfy As Before

If you feel like your ACU’s air flow is letting you down, consider replacing the air filter. You might not be the best person for the job, though, so you might want to call for professional help. Feel free to get your ACU checked before grabbing a replacement filter. Remember that a professional knows what is best for your unit. Besides, it would be inconvenient to try and DIY the project only to find that other, bigger problems need fixing.

Operation Becomes Too Noisy

Hearing an intolerable noise every time you switch your ACU on? It could be telling you that something is wrong. There might be a loose screw somewhere or maybe a bent fan blade, for instance. It might even be a malfunctioning blower motor at fault. By all means, call a technician. They can determine the actual cause of the disturbance and fix the issue.

Electric Bills Suddenly Soar

Noticed that your electricity bills have been skyrocketing when you haven’t changed any of your energy consumption habits? Your air conditioning unit might be at fault — and you better get your repairman to come quick get the problem fixed. Your unit might be working double time due to a dirty filter or, even worse, a blockage in the condensing coil.

Your air conditioning units make your indoor living more comfortable. Make sure you maintain its optimal state by learning to recognize the first signs of trouble and calling in a professional technician.