Things to Avoid When Going on a Haunted House Tour

Visiting a Haunted HouseHalloween is almost here, and the kids in all of us are excited! It’s a great time to go on haunted house tours organized by Sandlapper Water Tours. If you are planning to do this, then you have to go to the right place. Today, this article will tell you what not to do when going to a haunted house in Charleston, SC.

You Should Not Pretend that You Are Not Scared

If you are scared, then go ahead and show it! Besides, that is the whole purpose of going on a ghost tour: to be scared and feel the true essence of Halloween!

Trying to act cool will not work and will only make you look like a total killjoy. Shout, jump, and grab your friends if you feel like it! Besides, you are paying for the whole experience, so make the most out of it!

Do Not Make Fun of the Actors

The actors are doing their jobs, and it is disrespectful to shout or cuss at them. Leave them alone and never hurt them physically. If you feel like you are the type to jump and hurt them unconsciously, then let your tour guide know so that they can take the proper measures to guide and lead you.

Avoid Spoiling It for the People Behind You

Do not be a spoiler by shouting what’s about to happen to the whole crowd. Most ghost tours are guided by one person, which is why it can be hard to keep everyone calm. Also, most guided ghost tours come in a group or even a line, so make sure to keep the surprises to yourself and let the other attendees enjoy the whole experience by themselves.

You should also remember that it is disrespectful to touch or move anything that belongs to the property. If you want to feel or see something up close, then ask your tour guide if you can do so. Enjoy the experience!