The Top Five Reasons to Love Wrought Iron Fencing

Metal FenceWhen homeowners decide to upgrade their house, their purchase decisions generally revolve around the concepts of utility and beauty. Luckily, wrought iron fences have the perfect combination of these two aspects in a chic way. Even though its flexible appearance courses the scale from extravagant ornate to classy elegant, stresses that fences made from wrought iron offer plenty of practical benefits. Read on to determine the top five reasons wrought iron fencing deserves your love.


Wrought iron fences are long-wearing. This type of material is even renowned as “100-year fencing” because of its durability. Besides, it is also resistant to bending, denting and shock.

Great for security

Due to their strength, wrought iron fences are best for several security purposes. These can protect pets and kids in the yard. However, you’d have to pick a design that can stop them from climbing, jumping or fitting in between wide-spaced bars. Not only that, but these fences can also serve as a safety fence around your swimming pool. Ultimately, the tallest barriers will be outstanding at prohibiting trespassers, whether animal or human.

Less rust

Wrought iron is an alloy, which means it can resist rust more compared to pure iron. This is mainly because of its mixture of a fibrous material referred to as slag.

Minimal maintenance

In the end, wrought iron can still rust. On the upside, conducting simple paint jobs every three to four years or doing a more intricate one every decade is enough to address this. Regular paint jobs will help lengthen its lifespan and keep it looking in tiptop shape.

No need for replacement

You can repair a massive or just a small part of your wrought iron fencing, thus removing the need to replace the whole fence.

As a bonus to the top five benefits of wrought iron fencing listed here, these are also great for the environment. You need not replace them frequently, and you can even reuse the material once you do need to dispose of it.