Engineer inspecting condition of the storage tanks at the site
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Metal Grades Used for Steel Storage Tanks

October 19, 2018

There is a wide range of material options for storage tanks nowadays. However, steel storage tanks are the ideal option for buyers looking for short-term liquid storage. The liquids stored in steel tanks include water, […]

White Storage Tanks
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API Standards for Storage Tank Fabricators

May 25, 2017

The American Petroleum Institute (API) laid down guidelines in 1961 to build the best storage tanks – whether it is for oil, chemicals, or other materials required for the operation of a refinery. Storage tanks […]

Service and Reviews

Heating and Cooling Systems for Storage Tanks

May 19, 2017

Chemical process industries work with various liquid chemicals that more often than not, need to be stored in controlled environments. Sometimes, you will need storage with increased temperatures to lower viscosity, easing the pumping. At […]