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For Women: 3 Dietary Changes to Help You Lose Weight

November 1, 2018

Many people today are living a fast-paced life. In fact, some of them have activities that make it difficult to lose and maintain a healthy weight. While there are many diets available for weight loss, only […]

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Reducing Your Risk of Heart Disease

October 13, 2017

Doing a single heart-healthy habit, such as swimming or taking walks daily, is not enough to protect your heart or reduce your risk of heart-related conditions. This is especially true if you still engage in […]

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Fat Freezing: A Safe Technique for Body Reshaping

May 18, 2017

Noninvasive reduction of fatty deposits has become a common weight loss technique in the United States. During the past years, coolsculpting has become increasingly popular due to its effect on fat cells. Companies like […]