Something to Blog About: Why Your Blog Disappoints and How to Deal With It

Blogs are all the rage in content marketing. Browse around several websites and you are sure to find links to different blog sites. Many of these posts, however, aren’t doing what they’re supposed to: that is to promote the content, educate readers, and for some, promote a company or business.

Say you’re running a business in New York, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas; if you’re not publishing informative and engaging content, or you’re more into pimping the company rather than offering value to your readers, your blog probably sucks. Don’t worry, though. There are still ways to salvage it and turn it into a leader in your field.

Here are some reasons your blog disappoints, and what you can do about it.

WordPress  Blank Blog PostYou Publish Sporadically

It’ll be difficult to grow readership and maintain a core audience if you update infrequently or go long spells without posting anything. In big cities where being up-to-date is important, having outdated blog sites could be losing you readers, and in effect, customers.

Create an editorial schedule and keep to it. Working with a local SEO in Nevada, for example, will make sure you publish high quality content regularly. The important thing is to maintain a high level of quality and establishing some level of consistency.

You’re Just Posting Company Promotions

Audiences have very little interest when it comes to reading blogs where all you do is make your company, products, or services look good. It’s fine to post about big announcements or discuss new product releases on occasion, but don’t use every blog post as a pulpit to sell and promote your products. That’s what your sales-driven landing pages are for.

Instead, give your readers value-driven content. Work with a local SEO company in Nevada, for example, to help write content that local audiences in Las Vegas, Reno, or elsewhere can appreciate. If you need to promote yourself, use research and data to make a compelling case to persuade customers to buy your products or services.

Your Blog is Full of Guest Posts

Posting a lot of guest posts may come off as spammy. Readers might get the impression that your only goal is to churn out content to drive traffic, or that you don’t care enough to post original content, which is a clear turn off.

It’s your blog, so make sure that you’re still in charge of it by posting content you produced.

Blogs are important in establishing your company’s online presence and captivating readers. It’s only effective, though, if you know how to properly build and maintain it.