Sixers Head Coach Wonders If Team Will Ever Win Again This Season

Image by Dave Hopton

Rookie head coach Brett Brown is blunt and realistic when asked if his 76ers will still nail another victory this year. Without hesitation, Brown replied, “All the time. I tell them (his players) that.” The former San Antonio Spurs assistant coach is well aware of the team’s problems at the start of the season, admitting he only had six players, as many of his reliables are plagued with injuries.

14 Loss in a Row

Philadelphia suffered back-to-back defeats in the hands of the Washington Wizards (122-103) and Orlando Magic (92-81), extending their losing streak to 14. Their odds of waking up from this nightmare are slim, as they are set to face no less than the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Dispelling the Drought

The coach is not losing faith in grabbing another W before the season ends despite a battered roster. “This is the truth. If we don’t play better transition defense and we don’t share the ball, then we have some problems,” Brown shared.

Twenty-six games is the NBA record for most consecutive losses, which was tallied by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2010-2011 season.