Six Things Every Teacher’s Wardrobe Should Have

bagsFrom the perspective of a teacher, dressing up for work is more than just self-expression. Fashion is a way to convey a dignified style. Now, this doesn’t mean dressing up in forgettable and boring combinations. It’s all about knowing what works together and what should be worn outside the school premises.

For you to create a comfortable and stylish look, you should have an eye for these great combinations. These wardrobe staples can help you create a get-up that would turn heads, earn respect, and express your style all at the same time.

Wrap dress

A wrap dress is something everyone can wear. Think of it like a teacher’s black dress, a piece you could wear anytime and make it work. It’s a great addition to your wardrobe as you could use it all-year round, layering it with a few other pieces such as boots and cardigans when the weather gets a little nippy. Don’t forget to accessorize whenever you wear it for some extra appealing accent.

All-around bag

As a teacher, you always carry some stuff around. This means you must have a good bag to hold everything you need. You can always buy a scripture tote for this. Nonetheless, it’s still advisable for you to have a few bags of different sizes to accommodate different occasions and seasons; plus, it takes away the monotony of sporting the usual bag.


Be it plain or printed, a cardigan can easily match pants or a dress. This is one of your best friends in the wardrobe. Regardless of the style you want to achieve, a cardigan can help you nail that look.

Tailored blazer

Tailored blazers are highly versatile, not to mention it evokes some gravitas and formality. This is downright indispensable.

Dark jeans

Yes, teachers can wear jeans and still look professional. Get a dark wash denim and pair it with your blazer, cardigan, or button down shirt and you’re good.


You often stand for long hours in the classroom, so you want to give your feet some rest from time to time. Comfy flats can do the trick, as long as you resist the temptation to get the overly ornate ones.

Teachers can be very fashionable inside and outside the classroom. With these wardrobe staples, you can mix and match different pieces to create a style that suits the way you roll.