Secrets to Making Your Wall and Floor Look Good

bare roomYou’re having your house renovated. One of the things that your contractor pays attention to is how the wall is joined to the floor and vice versa. Your walls and floor would look good if the joint between them does not look obvious. To refine the way the floor and wall of your house are joined, you need to use a wood baseboard molding.

Why Wood Makes a Good Molding

Miskas Wood Products notes that there are plenty of reasons to use wood baseboard molding. Wood is flexible compared to other materials. You can cut wood to the right size and then just slip it into the space between the floor and the wall. Wood easily lends itself to painted walls, which gives your walls a good smooth look.

There may be a time when you might want to change your wood baseboard molding. This is no problem with wood since you can easily remove it. All you need to do is slip something thin between the wall and the wood goes off easily.

Types of Wood Baseboard Molding

Wood baseboard molding comes in different types. MDF or medium density fiberboard is one of the cheapest types you can buy. You won’t find any problem painting it since it works well with paint. If you want something that looks and feels like real wood, choose pine molding, which looks much better with wall lightly coated with paint.

Oak molding may be expensive, but it lends itself easily to staining and varnishing. Other types of wood baseboard molding include ash and pine.

With a wood baseboard molding, you’d find it enjoyable to admire the walls and floor of your newly renovated home. Beautiful moldings running along the length of your walls gives your home the stylish look you’ve always wanted.