Renting for the Long Haul: Simple Changes for Rentals

If you tend to get in touch with local rental agencies, you may not see value in putting up more than new curtains or frames. After all, it’s common to think living in a rental is temporary.

Due to the housing crash, however, owning a house now is less ideal than having a house rental agency on speed dial. And with renting providing many rewards, you may end up living in the same house in Navarre for 10, 20, or more years.

Fortunately, a long-term lease with a considerate landlord may let you customize your current home in more ways than you thought. With that said, here are some less-permanent changes you can do to your rental home:

Installing Light Fixtures

HousesPutting in overhead lights or sconces where none existed before can change how you experience your space.

If you’re a “forever renter,” you or your landlord can hire an electrician to install new light fixtures. You can put up plug-in fixtures with cord covers, however, if you want to avoid contacting a pro.

With permission from your landlord, you can also swap out existing light fixtures, and then swap them back in when you leave.

Changing Window Treatments

Lousy window treatments can drag a room down. As such, your landlord may install new curtains or blinds in your home without any prompting.

Having your landlord foot the bill for new window treatments isn’t always certain. When this happens, cover the costs yourself, especially if you intend to stay for the foreseeable future.

If neither you nor your landlord want to pay for new window treatments, use adjustable rods and curtains hemmed with removable tape to give your home a new look.

Even if you’re only renting, don’t settle for dull and unpleasant. Make your rental home feel more like you with these simple changes.