Rats and Mice: Why They Should Never Share Your Home With You

Rat Control in AucklandRats and mice carry, transmit, and spread many different diseases. Aside from this, they have feeding habits that can destroy many parts of your home. The way they nest can also considerably impact the structural integrity of your property.

The problem with these pests though, is that they can live and thrive in your home without your knowledge, until it is too late and you already have an infestation problem.

Knowing the Signs and Symptoms of Rat and Mice Infestation

Even though rats and mice prefer to live out of sight, their presence in your home will become obvious once you see them running around. This usually happens once space becomes limited because of increase in population. Their great numbers force them out into the open.

Some of the other signs to look out for include faeces, droppings, as well as dirt or grease marks. Food containers with holes in them also indicate their presence in your home. Also, since rats cannot stop gnawing, check your home for damaged materials such as floorboards, walls, as well as other plastic and wood components.

The Health Hazards Rats and Mice Bring

Rats and mice can bring about a multitude of health hazards, dangers they can directly or indirectly cause. Directly-transmitted diseases include the Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, and salmonellosis, cites BuzzOff Pest Control Auckland. Plague and Cutaneous Leishmaniasis are two of the diseases they can indirectly transmit. Furthermore, these diseases can progress into complications such as liver failure and cardiovascular health problems.

In the event you believe your home has an infestation, you should contact a rat control company in Auckland right away. While you will find various products claiming that they can help control these rodents, they often do not provide a long-term resolution. To make sure you get rid of them completely, invest in professional pest control services.