Protecting Your IT Investment Through Software Asset Management

effective software asset managementSoftware asset management (SAM) is an industry solution for businesses that need proper asset maintenance. Organisations should undergo audits to know how to leverage their experience and refine their processes. This may include investing in licensing proficiency, changing internal practices, and doing internal audits more frequently.

The Right Amount of Software

Prevent having more licenses than you actually need. Spend your money wisely, and having effective software asset management stops you from buying software you don’t need. It’s also responsible for licensing all the software you do need to avoid any criminal charges.

Common Licensing Problems

Your company’s records may not match up with merchant audit records. The most common of which is disorganisation. If you assign SAM to employees who already have their hands full, they might not do the task efficiently. They might overlook some licences and fail to record them accurately.

Employee Risks

Some employees might bring in software specifically for home use or install some illegally. These can also cause problems because of end user license agreements that are often long and complex. They can differ from one publisher to another and within a specific seller’s software offerings. You need a secure SAM system to effectively accomplish your licensing requirements.

The Specifics

Organisations of all sizes have software licensing needs. Deal with yours accordingly and rightfully. Build your SAM strategy on IT asset management solutions that make it easier to track down licences. It should be capable of monitoring applications in the cloud, installed locally, and on mobile devices.

Importance of Cloud

Moreover, it should notify your IT help desk whenever software is installed on your network. By doing this, they could confirm its authenticity and deal with problematic situations. Choose SAM software capable of running in the cloud to see updates as they happen. This will prevent you from missing critical circumstances that could compromise your SAM program.