Protect Your Boat during the Winter with these Methods

covered boatsWith the ice, snow, and other elements the winter season brings, you have to protect your boat. Appropriate winterization practices will protect your boat from external damages as well as internal freezing. Come springtime and summer, you will have an unscathed boat you can immediately enjoy.

Cover the Whole Thing

Externally, you can keep your boat safe from the winter by covering it with a boat cover. The appropriate cover protects the waterline, and you can have a manufacturer customize a cover to your boat’s specifications.

A custom-made pontoon boat cover, for example, can be perfect for your pontoon boat, but remember to use a frame to distribute snow evenly on your boat.

Keep It Clean and Maintained

Winter protection also entails that you clean and maintain your boat of any stress cracks, blisters, dents, dirt, and annoying barnacles. You can call a professional to help you with the stress cracks and blisters. To deal with aluminum dents, you can easily bang them out with a rubber mallet.

As for the annoying sea scum and dirt under your boat, a power washer can easily take care of them.

Protect the Interiors

Interiors will also be vulnerable, even under a boat cover. You can use vinyl cleaners and protectants to prevent vinyl cracks. You can also vent your boat cover, apply mildew sprays, and use chemical dehumidifiers to moisture and mildew from wreaking havoc.

Winterize the Insides

As for the insides of your boat, you have to protect your engine, drive, fuel system, and electrical system most especially. You can easily protect the fuel system with a full tank and fuel conditioner. For the electrical system, you can simply turn off switches and breakers.

As for the engine and drive, you can flush them out with fresh water. Ensure all water will be removed to prevent small amounts from freezing. You can add antifreeze as well for further protection.

With the winterization practices above, you can protect your boat in its most important parts. Do remember to winterize other minor parts as well to protect your boat fully.