Planning Your Taipei Getaway

chinese lanternsTaipei is a city with well-preserved culture, natural resources and a unique mix of tradition and modernity. It is also becoming a top tourist destination of choice. More than 7 million people visited Taipei in 2017, according to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

Here are some things you can do in Taipei.

Dining: Din Tai Fung

Have your fill of delectable steamed soup dumplings or ‘xiao long bao’ at Din Tai Fung, located in the Daan District. The restaurant was originally a retail shop that sold cooking oil in the late fifties. When sales went downhill in the 1970s, Din Tai Fung went from selling oil to serving steamed dumpling and noodles.

Din Tai Fung sells a sumptuous array of dishes other than xiao long bao. Try their pork chop fried rice, dumplings and shao mai to enjoy the best of what they offer.

Shopping: Xinyi District

The Xinyi shopping district is the newest area of urban Taipei and is home to many entertainment, shopping and dining complexes. Tourists can also find Taipei 101 here, as well as the flagship Eslite Bookstore and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place.

Sightseeing: Yangmingshan National Park

If you love seeing the beauty of nature, visit Yangmingshan National Park, located at the northern part of Taipei. Yangminshan is one of Taiwan’s most beautiful national parks and is a popular tourist destination because of its hot springs and sulphur crystals. The park also has natural valleys, waterfalls, hot springs, different kinds of wildlife and a multitude of flora and fauna.

The park does not have admission fees, and visitors can take a bus from the city. On weekends, the park teems with day trippers from the city, so it’s best to visit the park on a weekday for some peace and quiet while enjoying the view.

Taipei is a unique and bustling city that offers tourists different kinds of experiences. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can take different types of day trips from Taipei for more memorable experiences in Taiwan.