Planning a Successful Wedding: 3 Things to Remember

In Michigan, the average amount couples spend on their wedding is around USD 25,000. That includes the wedding planner, the dress, venues, food or catering, décor, invitations, and other materials. While it has been continuously decreasing since 2013, it’s still definitely a significant amount. That’s why couples need to ensure that every dollar is well spent.

Crystal Gardens Banquet Center shares some tips on how to plan and budget well for your wedding:​

Don’t rush

After getting engaged, you and your future spouse will be excited and eager to start planning. It’s understandable, but don’t let the excitement sweep you off your feet. Take the time to let everything sink in. When you’re a little calmer, that’s the time to sit down and start planning.

Start with the big picture

Imagine what kind of wedding you want. Would you like to hold the ceremony and the reception at a garden, beach, or your favorite destination? Do you want it formal with a sit-down dinner or maybe something more casual with cocktails?

From there, you can think about what kind of theme you will go for and narrow down your options. You’ll find that it’s actually easier to plan when you have a big picture of what your wedding will be like. Focus on the most important aspects first, and then proceed with the details.

Wants vs. needs

It is your day and it’s understandable that there are some parts of your wedding that you might not be willing to compromise. But keep in mind that you should have a budget and you should stick to it. A wedding will only last a day; you should also plan for your future.

To make sure you stick to the budget, list down all the things you and your partner would like to include in your wedding. Identify the ‘wants’ and the ‘needs’ and set your priorities.

Planning your wedding the right way is key to making your big day extra special. Use this guide to polish everything before you tie the knot.