A Pill That’s Difficult to Swallow: Why Meds Need to Be Expensive

medicationBuying the meds for the illness you may be enduring poses one of the most pressing questions that have crossed your weary mind: why do they have to be expensive? Different speculations, points in capitalism, and even conspiracy theories will certainly plague your rational attention in an attempt to answer this query.

This article will try to shed some light on why some capsules cost more than a car, and why it’s wise to keep a discount pharmacy card in your pocket.

The Complexity of “Everything”

The word “everything” here refers to the systems of the human body. The human body is unpredictable, and this condition makes it difficult for biologists and drugmakers to formulate a drug that has effects that will suit everyone and will not produce side effects. The complexity of the biological mechanisms leads to the next dilemma.

Difficulties in Discovery

Difficulties in discovery are caused by two reasons: the complexity of the human system and the sourcing of appropriate chemicals. To understand the first reason, you must learn that drugs basically work through the binding of proteins and coming up with an effective function. Relating it to human systems, it will be hard to discover and make the right drug, as it’s also difficult to find exactly which types of proteins are involved in a certain disease.

Finding and sourcing the right protein and getting the right combinations, on the other hand, requires intensive research. And even when the right combination is found, there will still be a series of tests the drug will have to go through for the validation of efficacy.

Business Matters

The makers of the drugs will have to acquire patents on the formula or the processes included in the manufacture. This capitalist aspect of drug making ensures that the maker has an absolute monopoly on the drug until the patent expires. This prevents anyone from making the same drug and selling it at a much lower price.

Supply and Demand

When a medicine hits the market for the first time, there is a very low supply, but a great demand. This imbalance keeps the price of the drug very high. But it will still sell, as early users may be at the end of their tether and may be willing to spend for it.

The hike in drug costs doesn’t always depend on conspiracies and other speculative views. It’s always complicated, but it’s nice to know that you have something that will help you with what you need—your discount pharmacy coupons.