Picking a Point on the Map: Where to Live in Australia

Pins and a mapWhen you’re deciding to move, you have to think about different things, such as the moving setup or how much it will cost. But the top real estate principle should be your first priority: the location of your choice.

Australia is an entire continent. That said, there is diversity in the area, and your concern should be where you’ll find your own spot under the sun.

Here are some locations where you can narrow down your search for a new home base.


Melbourne has been repeatedly called the world’s most liveable city, and that’s for good reason. The area has everything – from schools and health care facilities to shopping centres and museums. This is the reason a lot of people buy new house and land packages in Melbourne. As everything is within reach, it’s a great area to relocate into. What sets it apart, however, is the richness of culture in the area. Art, music, and literature enthusiasts would surely love it here.


Sydney takes the crown for being one of the most paid cities in the world, thanks to the massive economic development in the country. The suburbs surrounding Sydney are great places for relocation. Apart from the many perks of living in the suburbs, you get to be fairly close to your workplace where you might establish a wallet-fattening career.


For those who are climbing to the top of their respective fields, the best place to set your sights on is Queensland. Apart from the great community in the area, Barcoo, QLD, takes pride in its 100% local labour force employment rate.

Western Australia

Some people like being close to the best academic institutions in an area. This is where Western Australia shines, as there are many educational opportunities to grab here. With the University of Western Australia, Murdoch University, and Curtin University (among many others) in the location, Western Australia is a real catch for anyone with a thirst for knowledge.

South Australia

To live in a warm community, go to South Australia. The location is totally accommodating, plus it features a “Good Samaritan” vibe, as it has the highest volunteering rates in the entire country.

Your lifestyle should dictate where you live, so use it to determine where it’s best to move. With the diversity in Australia, it’s very simple to find a place you can call home.