Party Hardy: Elements of a Successful Event

hire event securityIf you’re thinking of planning an event, the following are a few things you shouldn’t take for granted:

Define Your Goal

When planning an event, make sure to develop a game plan and stick to it. Define your goals and the figure out the purpose of the event. Is it to raise awareness about a certain issue, or is it just for socialization and networking? You may have more than one goal so prioritise the most important ones.

After setting your priorities, brainstorm with colleagues about a list of event ideas that could help with goal fulfilment. Make sure to match the kind of event you want to the purpose that it serves. It’s also important to think about the money and resources available, the number of volunteers, and the time you have to prepare.

Recruit Your Team

More hands make work lighter, 0so get the help of your colleagues and other professionals for your event. Make sure to establish a working committee with broad representation. When it comes to private events, hiring security guards is a must. Private event security ensures that gate crashers and other troublemakers don’t disrupt things.

Make a Timeline

Prepare a checklist for a step-by-step guide to organising an event. Create a list of resources and the supplies needed to make the event happen. This includes food, decorations, sound systems, and other necessities. Set out timelines and deadlines, as some tasks need to be accomplished as a prerequisite for others.

Send the Invitation Effectively

The look of the invitation should give your guests a clue of what’s to come. Make sure that the address, date and venue are all correct. You should also include parking information and suggested attire. Keep all guest information organised in one Excel spreadsheet. This includes full names, addresses, contact numbers and RSVP statuses.

Follow-up is important, so stay connected with your guests throughout the process. Call them two to three days before the event to confirm their attendance. After the event, make sure to send them a note thanking them for coming.

From hiring event security to sending out invites, a constant attention to detail is a must to make your event a success.