When to Paint: Signs That Your Exteriors Need a Makeover

Many people believe that impressions matter, even with the appearance of their home. It’s what they first see when entering the property after all. If you’re among them, why not start with one of the most noticeable part of your exteriors. Paint can make your house look bright and lively, especially when well maintained.

Here are some signs that say you need to hire house painting services today:

Home exteriorClimate and Location

These two factors can affect the lifespan of your exterior paint. Even with the highest quality of paint, the colour of your house may fade after a few years due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. If your house always experience heavy rain or snow, however, then the paint could crack and let dampness seep into the exterior material. To avoid this, it’s best to repaint the house at least every six to eight years.

Wear and Tear

If the paint is peeling or chipping off, it’s best to fix the exteriors immediately because the particles might mix with the soil or anything in your landscape. This may not be good for your health, especially if your house was built before 1978 because of chemicals like lead and asbestos.

Nails that are coming out could mean that the coat of the exterior paint is getting thinner. Repainting can add more layers to the coating. Stains caused by water problems, like leaky downspouts, could turn into a breeding ground for algae and mould. If you can’t remove these from the surface completely, then repainting is the ideal choice.

Property Sale

If you’re planning to sell your house, it’s best to give it a fresh coat of paint regardless of its condition. Many homebuyers prefer houses that they can move in immediately and not need repairs. Repainting improves the value of your home, which can make it more in-demand on the market.

Give the exteriors the makeover it deserves. Choose the most suitable colour and if possible, find professional painters who offer eco-friendly paint to avoid health risks

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