Marketing Ideas Veterinary Clinics May Not Have Thought of

Vet with a tabletMarketing is daunting, especially if you don’t have a lot of resources. However, there are strategies that can help you minimize your costs, without draining your time and well of creativity.

Whatever channel or material you choose for your marketing initiative, don’t forget to always allot a space for your veterinary address labels. Remember that your goal is for your customers to take immediate action and to get them inside your clinic.

Here are some of the marketing strategies you should try:

Incorporate the psychology of colors

Colors can impact the effectiveness of your sales collaterals, so consider using them wisely. Green is generally associated with a modern, free-thinking brand, while blue is a well-liked color. Orange is also a good hue to use as an accent color, and helps a brand to be perceived as trustworthy and value-for-money. Red, meanwhile, is great for conversions, though it should be used sparingly.

Create a YouTube channel for professionally shot videos

People are no stranger as to how YouTube has opened doors for a lot of media personalities and businesses. Since anything from dogs to alpacas and giraffes is trending, why not shoot some videos of the furry friends visiting your clinic? Have behind-the-scenes videos of dogs and cats being groomed, or a “get to know our staff” posted on your channel.

Get your hands dirty with guerrilla marketing tactics

Guerrilla marketing is the riskiest form of marketing but offers the biggest payoff. It usually involves in-your-face, and sometimes risque ads and graphics, which are disruptive and can immediately grab the attention of people. The great thing about guerrilla marketing is that it doesn’t take much resources, but awareness of your new business or product can shoot up.

Heed one or all of these suggestions, and you’d be on your way to landing the first (or next) 100 customers for your pet care store.