Why Many Web Designers Keep Losing Customers

reliable seo reseller companyEvery business needs to take good care of their clients, and this is no different for web designers. Remember, there are thousands of similar companies out there, so your customers have no shortage of choices. Whether you work on your own or are part of a team, acquiring and retaining your clients is the key to success.

Despite this, a shocking number of web designers commit these mistakes, and end up losing valuable business. Make sure you’re not one of them.

1. Not communicating – You’re probably chasing deadlines, and might be handling multiple projects at once. You should still answer customer concerns and inquiries in a timely manner, and send periodic reports. There is nothing more troubling for a client than to hear nothing from you for a long time, and they’ll start losing confidence in your services.

2. Being behind the competition – The digital landscape is constantly changing, and there is no room for dinosaurs. If you’re not optimizing websites for mobile users, or offering SEO services through resellers on top of web design, then you’re at a disadvantage. Continue thinking of innovative ways to set your services apart from the crowd.

3.Dishonesty or exaggerations – When you’re presenting to the client, it’s tempting to give unrealistic estimates on what the project will cost, or how good the results will be. You might end up excluding several expenses from the computations, or giving overly optimistic projections. While this may get you the project, when the client finds out that your proposal was very far from reality, they will be furious.

4. Unfair treatment – Don’t offer incentives, such as discounts or rewards programs, to some clients but not to others. When a customer finds out that they have not been given the same opportunities, they will wonder what else you’re keeping from them, or if the quality of work you do on their website is subpar.

5. Lacking courtesy – Treating your clients as just another paycheck, or even a nuisance, is a sure way to lose them immediately. Always speak to them with respect and politeness. You’ll develop a reputation for being a pleasant and professional team to work with.

Remember, web design is still a business. There are countless more mistakes you can make to anger customers, or even ruin your reputation. They key is to treat each client as a valuable partner, and focus on keeping them happy.