Make White Space Part of your Design

website marketing servicesWhether you’re creating a layout for web or print, one of the most important elements that make a good graphic design is the presence of white or negative space. According to the Gestalt Principle, humans have their own way of interpreting visual stimulus, which is why it’s normal to think that less is better. The same goes for white space. Even if the images and text are exceptional, not everyone will appreciate them because there’s so much going on in a single layout.

White Space Promotes Focus

The eyes need a breather, so it can concentrate better on specific details. White space allows your audience to look at a design without worrying about anything else. The message will get through effectively because nothing else is distracting them. In fact, by using a plain coloured-background, you can create a focal point that’ll let everybody see it even from afar.

White Space Creates Balance

In graphic design, it’s important to display the relationship of everything that’s on the image. This way, different elements won’t simply look like clutter. White space can give emphasis to any design, like your products, without overpowering them regardless of their size. It can also serve as a border and divider, allowing you to layout and balance the different elements.

White Space Improves Readability

If you’re planning to design print materials, like brochures and corporate booklets, the layout of the text is important. Readability means that all text, including its surrounding elements, should be easy to understand. By ignoring white space, your audience might not even want to read your print materials because they’re overwhelmed with the text they have to read.

Don’t ignore what white space can do to your business materials. If you think you can’t design these effectively, let experts in graphic design handle the job because they know how to use white space better to your advantage.