When Love Goes Wrong: How to Help Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Victims

community serviceName-calling, verbal threats, and humiliation. For many abused women and children, it’s part of their daily battle that seems to have no ending. To avoid embarrassment, they always make excuses for their bruises and pretend everything is normal. It’s painful to imagine what they are going through, as most can’t find light in darkness.

Domestic violence and child abuse is a common issue, so you’ve chosen the path to help victims escape the world they are living in. As a community service worker, you feel the impact of violence, but you must always be ready for the unexpected. There are days when you become overwhelmed by what you witness and learn. The best thing you can do is to understand abuse and reach out.

Improve yourself

You can change the lives of women and children needing care. One of the first steps to successfully help victims is recognising abuse. Knowledge is the key to effectively end family violence, which is why Kirana.edu.au explains that taking community service courses are necessary. This will better help you to understand their situation and determine what necessary steps are needed.

Provide a safety plan

Most women don’t get help because they’re thinking if they leave, their partner will find and hurt them. Violence causes fear, or at least the threat of it, which makes victims too afraid to speak out. Thorough planning is important when it’s time to help someone escape an abusive situation. No one said it’s easy, as you need to identify a safe place for them to stay. You need to give them a detailed escape plan, so they know what to do.

Encourage them to join support groups

Support groups for vulnerable women and children offer opportunity to get back on their feet and reclaim their lives. They provide information, emotional support, and counselling. You can help build up their confidence again by urging them to socialize. With the trauma they endured, they’ll need all the help they can get.

At the end of the day, it feels good knowing that you can help people and make their lives easier. Perhaps there’s no better way to spend a day than making a scary world a better place for some.

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