Louvre Systems Specifications Need Informed Judgement, Learn Why

When buyers choose to specify the kind of louvre systems they need, they narrow down their options so much that they compromise on qualities that would best meet their needs. In fact, you should appreciate the fact that such kind of specification requires you to make an informed judgement to meet the specific requirements particularly unique to your project.

A closer look

While you may want to shield your boards and freshly milled lumber from the rain, you choose to prioritise proper ventilation instead to keep a check on indoor humidity and temperatures and to avoid warping and chances of mould growth.

When looking for a louvre system that’s most suitable for living apartments to house machinery, you need one that can offer both maximum protection from rain and optimal aerodynamic performance.

These are just but two of the many applications of louvres in industrial, commercial and residential buildings, including in botanical winter gardens.

Determining the type of louvre to use in a project

The site’s location is the primary factor to consider, so you’ll know if it will meet your needs for rain protection and ventilation. From this stems other considerations, such as exposure to local weather conditions, the rate of airflow with respect to the orientation of the louvre, the rate of fluctuation of air pressure, and the site’s slope and the degree of water penetration.

Why go for rain penetration over ventilation

The two most important factors in play here, especially when it comes to choosing a louvre system, are aerodynamic performance and water protection. Choosing one over the other does not mean you have compromised on either of them. This is why you need to consult with an experienced manufacturer to discuss the options you have for your next project.

An important factor to consider when looking for a manufacturer and supplier of louvres is their manufacturing process. Ensure it is in-house so they manufacture the louvre systems to a high finish and quality standard and deliver your order on time.