Keep the Facility Safe When Handling Flammable Liquid Products

Storage TanksGiven that petroleum and petroleum products pose a significant fire a health risk, you need to take extreme caution to ensure safety. The article highlights some proven ways to ensure safety in such a facility.

Caution is an absolute necessity when dealing with petroleum products and other flammable liquids. One tiny mistake could lead to a catastrophe that could ruin your business in addition to getting you into trouble with the authorities. Other than the fire risk, such products also carry a contamination hazard. Hence, you must exercise every care to keep your product, premises, and employees safe.

Implement Workplace Safety

Despite hiring skilled and qualified workers, you need to have on the job training to ensure they uphold the highest safety standards. Such training not only eliminates unnecessary losses but also keeps your employees safe as well. Petroleum fumes pose a significant health and fire risk. By instilling proper safety measures, you can safeguard your employees from the dangers that follow prolonged exposure to fumes.

The effects of inhaling gasoline accumulate over time. It could lead to a spiking in the respiratory conditions among your workers. Such a situation could affect your productivity and put a strain on your company’s health cover. By having the employees understand the health risks that come with exposure, you can persuade them to follow safe work ethics.

Regular Safety Inspections

Whether you are running underground or above ground tanks, you need to have an expert carry out a routine inspection. Such safety precautions alert you to pending disasters and enable you to take corrective measures. Some procedures, such as API 653 storage tank repair, require a particular set of expertise to pull off. In severe cases, the repair process might entail retrofitting the entire tank to accommodate the internal liner. Minor faults would require much less work, but you should seek expert help for a lasting solution. Failure to fix small leaks could lead to the loss of copious amounts of petroleum product.

Petroleum and other flammable products pose a significant fire and health hazard. But, you can mitigate and eliminate the risk by having proper workplace safety measures.