Interior Design 101: How to Bring Out the Focal Point in Your Space

living room with interior designEvery aesthetically appealing space has a focal point — the design element that draws the viewer’s eyes. Often, this is one of those features many homeowners overlook, missing that potential to make a good impression.

If you’re not sure how to bring out the focal point in your home, here are some helpful tips to get you started:

1. Find a piece to highlight

In most instances, you don’t have to introduce a new design element in the space just to have a focal point, precisely because there are some built-in, architectural elements already worth highlighting. One of which is windows with interesting shapes and great views.

You just have to arrange the furniture around these to encourage further viewing or leave a huge space near it that is free from any furniture, so guests are enticed to stand there and stare.

Another architectural detail you could highlight is arched ceilings. A fresh coat of paint and a good lighting fixture, such as barovier and toso glass chandeliers, will make this part of the house more eye-catching, directing viewers’ eyes instantly.

2. Create a focal point

No architectural details worth highlighting? No problem. Create your own. Dedicate a corner in the house that would have an accent wall. Use a patterned wallpaper or paint it with a bold color.

The hues you will choose, however, should complement the over-all color scheme of the house. Another option is statement furniture or decorative detail. In living rooms, a top choice is a velvet chaise lounge chair or geometric throw pillows.

In bedrooms, people use extra tall padded headboards. For bathrooms and kitchens, a living wall is a trend. You could also use barovier and toso glass vases in your kitchen island.

3. Highlight it further

If you have an open-concept space, which, for instance, combines the living room and kitchen, never use two focal points. Build your focal point in the largest zone. It’s also best for that design element to have its own lighting so it will draw the eyes easily.

Look at your home again and see if you have a clear, distinct focal point. If there’s none, maybe a change-up is necessary. Keep these things in mind as you revamp your space.