Industrial Water Treatment Providers: Your Chemical-Free Option

An industrial water treatment facilityWater cooling is a critical element in every industrial process. Traditionally, HVAC and other heat-intensive systems in refineries and power plants utilized towers to cool the water circulating in these applications.

Issues such as bio-contamination, corrosion, and scale build-up have been common in these early water-cooling treatment systems. Such systems are also notorious for using up a massive amount of water.

But, as industrial water treatment providers in Fort Wayne say, such technologies are fast-becoming obsolete from the persistent demand for cooling towers that will be sustainable in the long-run in environmental and monetary terms. Yes, one that will address all of the above issues most satisfactorily.

The Rise and Role of Chemical-Free Alternative Treatment Lines

While this is still a new area of technology that is still growing, most industries are appreciating its place in using electro-catalytic processes in controlling bio-contamination, corrosion and scale build-up in industrial cooling towers.

These water treatment systems have also proved to consume less energy and water, and reduce maintenance, which, together, extend the useful life of the water treatment equipment.

Working with Nature

From the electrolysis of water, these chemical-free alternatives use the acid to activate chlorides that cause bio-contamination into biocide. The alkaline solution then helps precipitate the minerals that form scale build-up.

The system then uses the remaining water and the naturally present magnesium and calcium ions to balance the environment in the tower to reduce corrosion. It is this natural dilution of the elements that cause bio-contamination, corrosion and scale build-up and makes these chemical-free systems cost-effective.

It further reduces both water and sewer use, making it more sustainable and safe for environmental.

Industrial water treatment providers also have provisions for retrofitting such chemical-free product lines to existing equipment, so you do not have to have an overhaul of your entire tower cooling water-treatment system. That comes with the advantage of lowering installation costs.