How to Make a Good Impression During a Job Interview

Woman smiling on her interviewWhether you are a fresh graduate or have simply decided to switch jobs, a good impression is crucial if you want to land that prime position. While your resume will do a lot for you, there are additional ways in which you can impress your interviewer.

Invest on Your Looks

Go for a teeth whitening and dazzle your interviewer with that first smile. A reliable dentist in Kingston such as Jiva Dental can help you learn more about your whitening options to brighten your smile. Dress smartly befitting an office environment, but skip the bright colours and opt for a classic black.

While you do not have to undergo facial surgery for your job interview, it pays to have your hair professionally styled with just the right touch of make-up for the women. Knowing you look good gives you that added confidence boost.

Research the Company Before Walking In

Do not let your curiosity stop with the job description. Find out what you can about the company, what they do, how they operate, and the people behind it. This makes it easy for you to give relevant and useful answers during the interview.

Ask Relevant Questions

Of course, do not forget to ask your own questions, but you might want to skip the question about salary. Instead, focus on the duties attached to the job as well as expectations from you. It also helps to find out how your position fits into the general scheme of the workforce.

Have Your Own Copy of the Resume

Lastly, make sure you have a copy of your own resume with you aside from the one you give the interviewer. This shows forward thinking and can be very useful in case the interviewer gets confused when there are several applicants.

Putting your best foot forward in every interview may not always win you the job. However, it does tell you that you have done your best and makes it easy to adjust and make changes should there be a next one.