How to Keep Rainwater in Your Tanks Clean and Safe

water tank at homeA rainwater harvesting system is an economical and sustainable source of water. However, you have to take certain precautions to ensure the water is clean and safe during the capture process, storage and distribution.

The good thing is there are controls you can install to keep the water tanks in your Perth home clean and the rainwater free of any dirt or debris. Here are some of them:

Leaf Eaters

Also referred to as rain heads, leaf eaters are usually installed in the downpipe delivering water into your tank. As rainwater flows down the roof into the gutters, it collects leaves and other debris and washes them into the downpipe. To make sure the dirt does not get into the tank, install the leaf eaters. These serve to deflect frogs, leaves and other dirt types from the system.

Overflow Screens

There is a wide round hole at the top of your tank wall where the overflow pipe connects. If left unscreened, things like dead insects, leaves, and frogs can enter the tank. To protect your tank against them, you need an overflow screen. There are many readily available screens on the market that you can quickly hook to your PVC.

Tank Inlet Leaf Strainers

Like with overflow screening, you can install leaf strainers at the round hole through which water enters into the tank. There are many sizes for strainers that would come in handy for protecting against contamination through the opening. Their advantage, as opposed to screens, is that a small filter, about 1mm or less in hole size, will protect against mosquitoes as well.

Screening rainwater is not an expensive affair – definitely not as costly as medical bills would be. Additionally, it is a state requirement in many places. Installing proper protective measures can mean the difference between good and ill health.