How to Effectively Clean Your Floors

Woman vacuuming the floorIt is always a great idea to hire a specialist to help you maintain your flooring. But if you want to do it on your own, we have simple cleaning hacks that you can do to your floors.

One of the simplest ways that many home-owners do is by placing mats to both inside and outside doors to minimise dirt that comes in your home. Having a boot removal place also helps to prevent damages from de-icers during rainy and snowy weather.

Avoid getting marks using floor protectors underneath the furniture and by using carpets especially in play areas making sure your kid’s toys don’t scrape the floor. Below we have listed more ways to keep your floors beautiful all-year round:

Never use tile cleaning products

Do not use tile or vinyl cleaning products on wooden floors. Remember that polishing acrylic products and waxes can cause wood to appear dull and become greasy.

Vacuum more often

Vacuuming is one of the most effective ways to remove fine debris and dirt from the cracks in the flooring. It is highly recommended using a canister vacuum—one with a long, elliptical floor brush attached to it. But if you are using an upright vacuum, make sure to turn off the revolving brush to retain the spines from scratching the wood.

Deep clean

Deep cleaning is highly recommended during the spring or before the winter season. Try wood-cleaning products and don’t forget to wipe up the extra liquid because standing water can easily damage the wooden surfaces. If the temperature is humid, use your ceiling fan or air conditioner to dry the floor.

Keep in mind to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning guide and recommendations. When choosing the best flooring contractors in Sydney, be sure to select a professional and experienced one so you can expect quality results.