Heating and Cooling Systems for Storage Tanks

Storage tanks with the men workingChemical process industries work with various liquid chemicals that more often than not, need to be stored in controlled environments. Sometimes, you will need storage with increased temperatures to lower viscosity, easing the pumping. At other times, you will need storage with lowered temperatures to keep the liquid away from degradation, polymerization, or unwanted reactions.

When you need either one or both of the previous storage, you can have API 653 tank alteration services redesign your storage tanks or have new ones built.

Design Steps

To design a storage tank with heating or cooling capabilities, your first have to determine the heat loss or heat gain of the tank. From there, you can design a system that compensates for such gain or loss. Storage tank service providers like Heartland Tank Services will be able to guide you through the two-step designing process to ensure you get what you need.

Choose Your System

Now, you can heat or cool your storage tanks through different methods. You can choose to use one method. You can also mix-and-match methods to compensate for the limitations of some methods.

For Heating

You can use the simplest method of heating—direct steam injection. The method works efficiently for heat transfer as the latent and sensible heat are both used for heating. You will incur high maintenance costs, however, since steam hammer and vibrations happen as a result of steam mixing with the process fluid.

For Cooling

For cooling, you can use external cooling by vapor re-compression. You can use this cooling method for ammonia, propylene, propane, and other refrigerated and semi-refrigerated liquids. With such a method, you re-compress boil-off vapors, cool them, and return them to the storage tank.

Demand Quality Tanks

You can choose several other heating or cooling methods for your storage tanks. You can ensure that proper design, sizing, and pipe layout has been done, especially if you will have steam-heated storage tanks. One petrochemical facility incurred substantial maintenance costs due to errors in the system.

With the storage tank services available here in Colorado, you can design the perfect heated or cooled storage tank for your facility’s use.