‘Healthful’ Foods that Destroy Your Fitness Routine

Some foods, though dubbed friendly for bodybuilders and fitness junkies, can actually ruin a physique-building routine. Most people don’t know these things until they enrol in a certificate III in fitness course. Nonetheless, when you’re hitting the gym, you should know the types of food to eat, to regulate, and to drop completely.

Here are some foods people label “healthful” but which actually ruin your diet.

Yogurt and saladYogurt

The label isn’t lying when it reads that yogurt contains gut-friendly bacteria, bone-bolstering calcium, protein, and zinc. Sure, it contains such things, but it also contains processed fruit and sugars. Some manufacturers add artificial flavouring and sugar syrups to improve the taste, but this comes at the price of extra calories to burn on the bench press. Your best workaround for this is to go with plain yogurt and use fresh fruit.

Fruit Juice

Many unsuspecting gym buffs consider fruit juice as a great refreshment. While vitamin C is certainly present in most variants of it, fruit juice isn’t the best beverage option. Remember that you don’t chew fruit juice, which means it makes you hungry faster. If you want to have a fruity snack during your break, ditch the OJ and go for the actual fruit.

Peanut Butter

There are many reasons you should include peanut butter in your diet. Among these are the monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, niacin, and magnesium. Unfortunately, peanut butter has unwelcome guests in the form of trans fat and sugar, which ruin muscle growth. When you want to go nutty, get natural brands instead – those that use only peanuts. Think twice before you believe low-fat versions of your regular peanut butter.


Tuna is healthy, that’s for sure. Protein and omega-3 simply help you lose fat. The problem is that many choose the ones drowned in oil, which amounts to an easy 150 extra calories to burn. If you really want to eat tuna, choose a brand that’s been packed in water.


Beef is lean and protein-filled, not to mention it contains zinc, iron, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. In short, it’s a real muscle builder. The problem is, not all people realise the differences in nutritional value of beef cuts. Case in point, prime rib and rib eye are fatty cuts. Choose lean pieces like sirloin instead.

Make your fitness routine work for your body, and help it with the right nourishment from the right foods.