Flat Tires, Dead Battery, and Worn-Out Wipers? The Dangers of Winter Driving

Cars covered with snowThe icy, cold weather is still in the air. For many people, that simply means staying at home while sipping hot chocolate, reading a great book or cuddling with a huge pillow. For others, however, winter means getting the car ready for snow and wind – and luxury cars are no exception.

As the cool temperature gives longer nights and shorter sunshine, many parts of the country are experiencing months-long freezes. Sure, making a snowman can make the season wonderful, but wintertime on the roads is not ideal for drivers. If you are driving a Porsche, this article lists down the common hazards during winter other than snow and blizzard.

Tire Pressure

Driving on ice is never easy, as the slippery surface can make tires work harder than they’re supposed to be. It could be difficult to start and stop the vehicle. This greatly increases the wear and tear on tire pressure. Cold weather can change air pressure and deflate tires. If you have your tires checked every month, you should make it weekly during the winter season. Fuchs wheels are durable and long lasting, but that does not mean they won’t sustain any damage.

Faulty Battery

With sub-zero temperature, battery problems are common – stemming from neglect and inattention. That makes car maintenance an important activity to do before going outside. Snow and wind can impair an old battery’s ability to jump-start your luxury car. Consider giving your existing battery a thorough inspection. You don’t want to get stranded in the middle of the road with temperatures dip below freezing.


It’s no secret that driving during winter makes it difficult to see the other cars approaching or those behind you. Before you go out, clean the windows thoroughly and replace those old wiper blades. In addition, wipe off the headlights and turn signals. Others may not see you in a heavy storm, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

With the ice and wind brought by cold weather, the roads are full of dangers. Heading out means you should be aware of the hazards and practice safety driving.

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