Five Smart and Creative Ways to Recycle Wood Logs and Tree Stumps

Tree Stump RemovalDid you know that you can turn wood logs and old tree stumps in your backyard into something useful and beautiful? For some, they are useless pieces of wood, but a resourceful and artistic homeowner can breathe new life to them through recycling.

Check out the following recycling ideas and give them a go to see for yourself.

Wood log garden art

Wood logs can be great garden accessories. Turn them into interesting art pieces by creating sculptures. Hardwoods can be carved into various forms such as garden gnomes and mushrooms. You may retain the natural colour, texture, and grain of the wood, or funk it up by painting it with bright colours.

Tree stump table

Upcycle an uprooted tree stump and turn it into a lovely table. Ask your tree stump grinding contractor to cut the roots and the top portion evenly. Remove dead parts and dirt and apply wood coat. Finally, fix a round or irregularly shaped panel on top and you have a beautiful table for your garden or patio.

Wood log succulent planter

Turn fallen logs into excellent succulent planters. All you need is to make holes on the topmost portion of the log. Put soil and arrange agaves, flapjacks and sedums of different shapes and colours.

Tree stump rustic stools

If you have a lot of stumps in your backyard, gather and cut them to make simple yet gorgeous stools. You can paint them for added colour, or simply stain them. With your tree stump table, you now have a complete set of rustic outdoor furniture set!

Tree stump garden

The stump itself could be a turned into a miniature garden. All you need to do is hollow out the centre, as if turning it into a natural planter. Fill the hollow with garden soil and plant seeds. You can grow anything from coleus, daisies, lilies, and many other flowering plants.

There are many reasons you shouldn’t just dispose tree stumps and logs. Instead of having the tree stump grinders dispose them, why not turn them wonderful art pieces or useful outdoor features?