Fit is King: A Guide to Choosing Motocross Boots That Fit

motocross driversMotocross is fun and exciting, but it’s a dangerous sport. You need to wear the proper gear, including helmet, body armour, goggles, riding clothes, gloves, neck brace, and boots, to protect your body from serious injuries during competitions. According to the Manual of Motorcycle Sport, no rider may practice or compete in any motocross or supercross competition unless wearing the protective motocross gear and clothing.

All motocross gear are important, but you need to pay extra attention to your boots. Whenever you ride your bike, your feet, ankles and calves receive the greatest impact more than any other parts of your body. This is why it’s important to have a durable motocross boots. The pair you buy should be comfortable, but made from tough materials. It must also fit your feet well.

The Right Size and Fit

Most boots are sized in typical US measurements, while others are based on European sizes. Some brands may also provide their own size charts, so it’s important to review them to find theperfect fit. Order the next size if you typically wear a half-size to provide allowance. Measure your feet while wearing riding socks and in the evening, as they tend to swell up at the end of the day.

Features to Look For

Some of best features you need to look for when buying motocross boots include removable arch support, shock absorbing padding, buckle lock system, reinforced shin plate protectors, and steel toe and heel guards. The more features a pair of boots offer, the more expensive it is. Don’t hesitate to spend a bigger amount for high-quality boots. Alpine stars, Axo, and Fox motocross boots provide better, enhanced protection and a more comfortable fit than any other brands.

Comfort before Style

Consider comfort before style when buying motocross boots. Choose a pair that offers foot and ankle support while still allowing natural movement. Boots that feature metal plate protectors may feel heavy to wear, so consider other lightweight materials that offer the same level of protection.