Fences Are Forever

Security has had major upgrades in recent years, with CCTV cameras, electronically automated locks, and even motion detectors. But nothing gets the point of ‘Keep Out’ than an old-fashioned chain wire fence. Chain wire fences are straightforward, simple, no non-sense, and make the entire area look like the set of a spy movie.

No Stealth

FenceWhy then, would companies and businesses that need security often put fences among the last items on their security priority list? People will often point to spy movies (Aha!), saying that fences are among the easiest security measure to bypass through cutting.

This argument is invalid because in order for the ‘cut through the fence’ approach to work, a spy would need a bolt cutter. For anyone unfamiliar with bolt cutters, they’re very big, with the shortest ones being 30 cm. and the largest 107 cm. If the point of cutting through the fence is to ‘sneak into’ the property, carrying a cutting implement the size of a grown man’s arm isn’t the best option.


Believe it or not, there are some things chain wire fences are better than even the most advanced security technology. For example, because of their incredible simplicity, chain fences are easily customisable, and upgradable to suit your security preferences. Need to stop fence hoppers? Install looped barbed wire across the top. Need an electric fence? Wire it to a car battery and put a sign up that says ‘Do Not Pee’.

Stand Tall

The entire lack of sophisticated technology means they’re also reliable through virtually every situation. Chain fences don’t need power to operate, making them immune to blackouts, they also don’t have any electronic wiring that can get water damaged, allowing them to stand in the rain. Can cameras and fingerprint scanners do any of that?

In The Brain

The biggest advantage chain fences provide is psychological. Fences have embedded themselves in the human subconscious through centuries of marking boundaries and keeping things out. The sight of a fence provides the much-needed awareness that outsiders are unwelcome. Security cameras and locks don’t have the same deterrent factor.

When it comes to implementing security measures, the more the merrier. There’s no such thing as too much security, and every little thing, even a chain wire fence can do its part to keep unwanted people out.