Fat Freezing: Eliminate Resistant Fat in Your Abdomen and Inner Thighs

Woman inspecting her tummy fatDo you feel like your little black dress no longer highlights the contour of your body? Perhaps you want to regain confidence to flaunt the shape of your body? If you want an instant method to get rid of fat in the body, coolsculpting offers an innovative technique to maintain your body shape.

This fat reduction method is currently the trend in more than 80 countries worldwide due to its rapid slimming effect. This article discusses how freezing your fat cells can enhance the shape of your body.

Mechanism behind Fat Freezing

Several clinical trials show that coolsculpting effectively removes stubborn fat that is resistant to proper diet and exercise. It works by targeting fat cells in the flanks, abdominal area, inner thighs, and chins to induce the natural process of cell death.

The coolsculpting device releases controlled temperature that only affects adipose tissues that contain fats. Since cells have varying susceptibility to cold energy, controlled temperature release ensures you only target fat cells.

When your fats go through exposure to low temperatures, the protective lining that covers the cell will break down. Therefore, the barrier becomes susceptible to breakage, which results in progressive cell death.

Over time, more fat cells gradually degenerate until they flush out of the system. Your excretory system gets rid of unneeded fat cells that accumulate in the body.

Expected Body Contour after Fat Freezing

A single session of fat freezing reduces 25% to 30% of fat content in specific areas of the body. However, the most significant reduction is apparent two to three months after initial coolsculpting. Over time, you may still develop fat bulges in treated areas due to an uncontrolled intake of fatty food.

Hence, you should do coolsculpting regularly to prevent fatty deposits.

Fat freezing is a clinically proven technique to eliminate resistant fat in the body. Hence, it is important to undergo coolsculpting to achieve your desired body image without the hazards of surgery.