Fat Freezing: A Safe Technique for Body Reshaping

A man squeezing his belly Noninvasive reduction of fatty deposits has become a common weight loss technique in the United States. During the past years, coolsculpting has become increasingly popular due to its effect on fat cells. Companies like fatfreezekit.com offer this procedure, which involves the use of a cold temperature applicator with adjacent cooling panels to modulate the release of cold temperature. Research has discussed the effectiveness of targeting fat cells, but it is also important to know how fat freezing reshapes the body and removes cellulite.

How Does Fat Freezing Alter My Body Contour?

Fat freezing triggers a reshaping of the body through different mechanisms. Through exposure to cold temperature, the normal mechanism of fat cell death is stimulated. The body then reacts by releasing immune cells called inflammatory mediators, which digest the remnants of nonfunctional fat cells. As you freeze fat, unnecessary deposits are gradually eliminated from the system within a few weeks.

Is Cellulite Reduced After the Procedure?

Cellulite formation occurs due to an accumulation of fatty tissues in the lower abdomen, flanks, and inner thighs. Due to thickened connective tissue underlying the skin, the formation of lumps and dimples may occur. Fat freezing devices can remove cellulite after at least three separate procedures.

How Will the Procedure Affect My Daily Activities?

Unlike other body contouring methods, fat freezing is a noninvasive procedure that does not require anesthetics and surgical procedures. Hence, you can resume your daily activities after you undergo fat freezing. You could even do regular tasks such as watching television and reading while you undergo this cosmetic procedure.

The Bottom Line

Coolsculpting is a safe method for body reshaping because its mechanism is only directed at specific fatty cells. The application of cold temperature enables a decrease in fatty tissue volume despite a short period of exposure. For those who have the resources and time to commit to the procedure, you can avail of coolsculpting services to reduce cellulite bumps in the body.