Experiencing Indonesian Cuisine: 5 Dishes to Try

Asian Street Food Are you planning to visit Indonesia soon? Or maybe you’re already in the country, looking for a good meal to try? Here’s are five essential dishes to taste while in the land of Indo.


Sate, in a simpler definition, is the Indonesian version of meat skewers. They typically come in two kinds, sate ayam (chicken sate) and sate kambing (goat sate), which are both marinated in turmeric and sweet soy sauce before grilling. Served hot and bathed in peanut sauce, Indonesians consider sate as their national dish. If you ever find yourself asking, “where to eat in Batam?” then look for a restaurant that offers this Indo classic for a tasty meal.

Ayam Goreng

Everybody loves fried chicken, and the Indonesians know how to do them well. Ayam goreng is Indonesia’s take on the classic crispy-fried chicken, except that their version comes with sambal chilli sauce to dip one in. In addition, the process of making ayam goreng entails marinating ayam kumpung (village chickens) in pureed garlic and shallots, totally dismissing the classic buttermilk recipe.

Nasi Goreng

One may be familiar of nasi goreng, a rice dish made of sweet, thick soy sauce called kecap (pronounced ketchup) garnished with acar, pickled cucumber, and carrots. Several versions of this dish have made its way in Asia and Europe, but nothing beats having it in Indonesia itself. Travellers that wish a wilder, more experimental nasi goreng experience can try nasi gila or “crazy rice.”


Looking for something steamy in Indonesia? The country’s weather may not call for it but one must try their savoury meatball noodle soup called bakso. Sold mostly from pushcarts called kaki lima, bakso consists of rubbery meatballs made of chicken, beef, pork, or a combination of them all. The soup comes with yellow noodles, fried shallots, celery, and sambal.

Es Teler

Es teler is one of Indonesia’s most famous desserts. It consists of young shredded coconut, avocado, jack fruit, and shaved ice. Local supermarkets and street food stalls offer it making it a national hit. If you’re a sweet tooth looking for something cold and refreshing, this one is for you.

Experience Indonesia as a whole by not only appreciating the country’s sights but by also experiencing the fantastic and one-of-a-kind cuisine they can offer.