Expanding Business Operations with WAWF

Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) is an Internet-based system used for electronic invoicing. It enables vendors servicing the Department of Defense (DoD) to submit their invoices and track acceptance documents electronically. It supports the DOD’s aim to move in the direction of a paperless acquisition process.

WAWF offers three methods of submission such as the Internet, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). EDI and FTI are used for document batch processing.

How Does it Work?

Packaging label with UIDContractors can finish their invoices and acceptance documents through the Web or using FTP or EDI. WAWF then alerts government officials automatically for document submission. When the acceptance process in finished, the payment officials issue payments through Electric Funds Transfers. An electronic folder records the whole process, which is accessible to both government personnel and the contractor.

Security Benefit

Through the WAWF, your system access is controlled by passwords or authorized PKI certificates. Furthermore, encryption protects your online data transmissions and storage. This helps you perform an e-business in a secure environment with audit trail.

Error-Free Transfer

WAWF uses unique identification or UID tags to support the DoD operational readiness. UID improves item visibility and ensures property valuation and accountability. This also improves the DoD’s inventory access and reduces item management expenses. By participating in the UID program, error-free data transfer becomes possible, which also helps avoid duplicate requisitions.

Reduced Paper Use

By using WAWF, electronic documents are shared – eliminating paper use and redundant data entry. This increases data accuracy and reduces the risks of losing or misplacing your documents. This also eliminates the time and costs associated with standard mail processing.

Wide Accessibility

Multiple users can access the documents globally, streamlining the whole process and providing real-time processing. Through this, you can research status related to past payments, invoices, or shipment. This is an excellent way of monitoring payment processes without having to involve people from other organizations.

This paperless contracting initiative of the DoD is great way to expand your business operations as a DoD vendor. Contact companies that offer software to help you incorporate WAWF in your business operations.

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