Essential Know-how on Acid Erosion and its Effect on Oral Health

teethAll your teeth are hard at work whenever you bite down on a sandwich. Everything you chew softens your teeth for a while and in effect, loses some of the minerals in them.

Now, you have your saliva to counteract this – but saliva can only go so far. When you eat a lot of acidic food way too often, your mouth won’t be able to repair itself and particles of your tooth enamel will be washed away the next time you brush your teeth.

The threat of acid erosion is something you cannot ignore, so it’s best that you know everything about it.

The acidic truth about your tooth

Let’s begin with a refresher on the anatomy of your teeth. A tooth has roots planted onto your jawbone. In your gum layer, there are your root canal, cementum, and pulp. Above the pulp is the dentine, the one responsible for the stinging toothache when you have cavities. On top of that, you have a thick layer of enamel that protects every sensitive part underneath.

Your teeth are quite sensitive to acid. Enamel dissolves when the pH level of the food or drink you consume reaches 5.5. Your body cannot replace enamel, which is why you truly have to take care of it. When you suffer from acid erosion, you would see a visible thinning of the enamel layer. As a result, the dentine will be more exposed, leading to duller and more sensitive teeth.

Your food choices matter

Ignoring dental erosion can lead to frequent trips to your trusted dentist in Bromley, so you had better check everything that you eat and how it affects your overall oral health. After all, even those who say they eat “healthy” are prone to acid erosion.

When you want to keep your teeth in good condition, you have to adjust your diet. This means controlling your intake of acidic foods and beverages such as carbonated drinks, citrus fruits, and juices. Whenever you eat something acidic, balance it with something alkaline (e.g. dairy products, nuts) to neutralise the acidity.

Although it seems counterintuitive, let time pass before you brush your teeth after eating acidic foods. When cleaning your mouth, use fluoride toothpaste paired with mouthwash to help strengthen your enamel.

Understand acid erosion and prevent it from happening to you. Eat healthy and observe the right habits to combat acidity and keep your teeth white, healthy, and shiny.

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