Elements that Harmonize: The Orchestra as a Lesson in Web Design

orchestraYour site’s web design can dictate whether or not a visitor would close the tab or browse a few more pages. As the main face of your brand online, it’s important that your website has a great design that appeals to everyone.


Above everything else, the main characteristic of an effective web design is a layout that features elements that harmonize. Ask any expert from a web design company in San Diego or another part of the country, and you’d surely hear them agree with this principle.

In the field of arts, this is called unity in design. It pertains to visual – the aesthetic and optical alignment and order of things – and conceptual – the coherence of elements towards a central theme – aspects of a layout.

It is like a basic lesson in branding, wherein you establish a concept before building a name you’d get to be known as followed by statements and activities that reinforce the identity you’re pursuing. It’s all about the consistency of a message.

The Orchestra Analogy

In design, there are the ideas of alignment, in which certain elements of a piece share a common axis or signify strong relationships with each other to convey meaning; and proximity, wherein the distance between elements play a role in the coherence of a design.

In the setting of an orchestra, this represents the grouping of instruments in such an ensemble, with the violins on one side, the cellos on another, and the brass musicians in another corner of the group. This works because the sound becomes clearer when like and related instruments are near each other, which results in harmonious crescendos and staccatos.

Contrast and repetition are also two important elements in a design that achieve unity. Following the orchestra analogy, it represents the majority of the instruments that play a single, unified melody – the main rhythm of a song, and the few instruments that deliver different tunes on certain occasions that diversify, contrast, and complement the main melody.

The orchestra is a lesson in web design, as site owners understand better how the different elements work together towards a common goal. When your site has widgets, text boxes, and images that complement each other harmoniously, it becomes an ensemble playing a perfect piece.